Victoria Cabras

Vern Gambetta and the functional training at FIBO 2017

During the 2017 edition of the international convention FIBO, we took part in the conference of the American Vern Gambetta titled “The History and Meaning of Functional Training – How stupidity destroyed the meaning of Functional Training”. Vern Gambetta is considered the father of Functional Sports Training. Now director of the enterprise Gambetta Sports Training Systems, Vern Gambetta was a conditioning coach for more than 40 years in different sports at different levels. Moreover, he has been one of the founders of…

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Eccentric training for prevention and rehabilitation

Eccentric training is very important for prevention and rehabilitation of injuries. Unfortunately, according to experts, at the present time there is not an adequate and individualized attention to it. That is also the reason why most of the injuries occur during the eccentric phase of the exercise, or in the transition between the eccentric and concentric phase. In this article, you can read more information about the importance of eccentric training, thanks to the help of Joaquin Calatayud (researcher and doctor in Physical Activity and…

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