Faster and efficient recoveries

EPTE® Inertial Concept allows you to work all muscle groups with a functional training that emphasizes the eccentric phase of the movement, main responsible for muscle hypertrophy. This method supplies recovery to any person.

Prevention, readjustment and injuries rehabilitation

EPTE® Inertial Concept adaptability allows you to create multiple movement patterns applied to different targets, really important to prevent possible injuries or diseases and accelerate the recovery process.

Improving physical fitness

The training with EPTE® INERTIAL Concept increases strength, endurance and muscle power, achieving an immediate improvement in your physical form.

Versatility and personalization of training

EPTE® Inertial Concept is a compact, versatile and practical device. Easy to use, it can create a custom stimulation for all kinds of people, from athletes to those who do not practice any sport.

Shorten recovery times, prevents injuries, builds your muscles
OVERTAKE injuries.

OPTIMIZE your performance.

SHORTEN your recovery times.


Prevents physical and sports injuries.


Recuperates the articulation mobility


Develops different muscle groups of your body.


Readjustment in movement patterns and sporting gesture.
Join the Inertial Functional Training (IFT) with EPTE® Inertial Concept
They have already proved it

José Miragaya

SPORT SCIENCE. Physical trainer in CB Breojan of Lugo
“I think it has a high spectrum of work. It can be used for professional sport, health, rehabilitation … it has many applications. The device is very versatile and useful in every way. That versatility is very good.”

Alazne Egiazabal

Sport Technical
“In my swimming class I had a person who did not apply the right strength at the end of the stroke. Apart from the movement, the inertia that the device makes itself would help a lot in the way he push.”

José María Romero

“The device is the perfect combination to electrolysis for the recovery from some kinds of tendinopathies. I always make the comparison with a guitar string: it is okay to re-generate the tissue, but you have to tune the string to make it sound good. Let’s say that these techniques would be like the refiner: gives the proper tension to the regenerated tendon.”

Marcel Ruiz

“I consider it very useful, as a complement to the electrolysis treatment, in order to work on the tendon and the muscle in the area of the injury. Also in sport to prevent in the sport gesture.”

Jesús Arco

Physiotherapist of the futbol national team of Guatemala
“I think it offers a wide range of possibilities. We can apply it as prevention or in a treatment. Most important, we can use it with any kind of person. They are exercises that can strengthen the muscle in a different and necessary way, or we can focus the exercises on a preventive level.”

Jaime Asensio

“The versatility of the device allows you to make gestures similar to the sport ones that helps to prevent injuries no matter what the sport you practice is.”
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