Inertial Exercise is the newest concept in therapeutic and fitness exercise.  The difference between inertial training and others is the way to work endurance and speed according to the inertial activation.

How did the first inertial devices appear?

The concept of inertial training and the use of inertial devices is quite new but there are many professionals who have discovered the benefits of inertial exercises in our body.

The first inertial devices were originally developed for the exercise and exclusive use of astronauts as a way to train the muscles without  the force of gravity. The inertial devices allowed them to combat the loss of bone and muscular mass that was due to weightlessness. And, at the same time, to obtain the best performance from the eccentric contraction of the muscles with the flywheel strenght.

10 benefits and advantages of the inertial exercise

Inertial exercise: concentric phase

Inertial exercise: eccentric phase








Inertial Exercise can train both the concentric part (contraction of the muscle) and the eccentric part (muscle stretching). Inertial training is very important; enhances the correct body posture and offers a greater challenge in the performance of movement coordination. Here you have the 10 benefits of the inertial exercise:

  1. The inertial devices allow a preventive effect of injuries but also help to its optimal recovery and rehabilitation.
  2. The inertial training allows an overload in the eccentric phase of the exercise. It has better results of coordination, strength and functionality.
  3. The inertial activation allows the increase of the strenght. Other types of machines generate less intensity and optimize just the concentric phase of the exercise.
  4.  Inertial exercise provides a reduced lung and cardiovascular effort.
  5. Inertial devices, such as EPTE Inertial Concept, allow specific training with the activation of the neuromuscular sensor and the protection of the muscles from the synergic tasks to which they are exposed, specially when there is a physical activity.
  6. Inertial exercise works as a stimulating agent of the body myofiber. These are very important in the activation of the muscular regenerative processes.
  7. The inertial mass exercise with EPTE Inertial Concept is done progressively. The strenght  applied to the inertial device is the strenght that it will return. It avoids pulled muscles and possible injuries in each repetition.
  8. With the use of the inertial devices it is possible to override both the biomechanical constraints and the problem with the Sticking Points of anyone who uses them. For this reason, the devices like EPTE Inertial Concept are ready to work with any patient, regardless of age and / or physical condition.
  9. The concentric and eccentric work with inertial devices reduces the training time.
  10.  Inertial devices or, more specifically, inertial exercise can be used both for therapeutic purposes and for performance and functional training.