eccentric exercise

Inertial Training with EPTE® Inertial Concept

Inertial training with EPTE® Inertial Concept, the newest concept on the market of inertial machines. EPTE® Inertial Concept can be used to increase two types of exercise or increase exercise phases: eccentric phase and concentric phase which means that it can be used no only for fitness but also for prevention, rehabilitation and physical or movement performance.

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Inertial exercise and its 10 most important benefits

Inertial Exercise is the newest concept in therapeutic and fitness exercise.  The difference between inertial training and others is the way to work endurance and speed according to the inertial activation. How did the first inertial devices appear? The concept of inertial training and the use of inertial devices is quite new but there are many professionals who have discovered the benefits of inertial exercises in our body. The first inertial devices were originally developed for the exercise and exclusive use of astronauts…

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