Eccentric training is very important for prevention and rehabilitation of injuries. Unfortunately, according to experts, at the present time there is not an adequate and individualized attention to it. That is also the reason why most of the injuries occur during the eccentric phase of the exercise, or in the transition between the eccentric and concentric phase. In this article, you can read more information about the importance of eccentric training, thanks to the help of Joaquin Calatayud (researcher and doctor in Physical Activity and Sport Science) and of José Casaña (Professor and Doctor of Physiotherapy).

The eccentric phase of an exercise has a greater performance efficiency than the concentric phase.

Nowadays there is evidence that physical exercise brings benefits in approaching tendinopathies. It has been observed that the exercises that include both the concentric and the eccentric phases, and that increase the load gradually, have a positive effect on this pathology. These findings let us know how the tendon also has adaptability and make us think about  isoinertial exercise as an alternative to generate concentric movements with an overload in the eccentric phase.

Therapeutic exercise for recovery from tendinopathies

On the other hand, there is clear scientific evidence on the effectiveness of eccentric training on preventing muscle injuries. In fact, several studies like Petersen et al. (2011) or Arnason et al. (2008) found that using a simple eccentric exercise for 10 weeks for the hamstrings can reduce the 65-70% of new and recurrent injuries in this muscles. Despite of this, very little attention is pay to this kind of training, as highlighted a recent study published by the prestigious British Journal of Sports Medicine. The authors (Bahr et al., 2015) found that a total of 83.3%, out of 150 football teams in the Champions League and the Norwegian first team, did not apply any prevention for hamstring injuries based on evidence (the same program that the studies discussed above).

This makes the eccentric overload training very important during rehabilitation and also to prevent; in fact, our muscle-tendinous structure will become more resistant to the stress produced during both sports activities and daily life, such as working or daily activities.

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